The Homestore

The Homestore

The Homestore made a strategic decision to expand its presence in the Newmarket area by relocating to a new, more spacious location. Among the challenges they faced was the need for freestanding and stable floor displays that wouldn't compromise the display functionality of their products.


After careful consideration, the Homestore opted for the innovative Kubos system, a choice that proved to be a game-changer. With the help of their in-house design team, they created impressive 3D visualizations of the Kubos system in-store, giving them a clear vision of its potential.


The end result surpassed all expectations and serves as a testament to the incredible capabilities of the Kubos system. The new floor displays not only provide the stability and freedom required but also add a touch of modern sophistication to the store's ambiance. Customers can now explore the products more seamlessly, thanks to the versatile and aesthetically pleasing Kubos displays.


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  • Designer – Surestyle inhouse team
  • Homestore
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