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The Modular Display & Furniture System

flexiVOGUE is designed for easy specification and configuration to meet specific design requirements, supported with a large range of interchangeable accessories and joinery items.

Redefine the spaces that you live, work, learn and love.


flexiVOGUE is a relocatable, customisable, scalable and modular shelving & display system for modern interiors seeking architectural appeal that is unique to you. Clean metal frames provide structure and definition to this furniture, then select from shelves, cube boxes, panels, cupboards and drawers joinery along with a wide selection of hanging rails, racks and bracket accessories.


flexiVOGUE brings a totally new approach to the creative process of interior space management with its premium architectural styling and urban modularity. This flexible shelving system can be assembled quickly to create micro-architectural structures that are modifiable to define the purpose of individual spaces.


flexiVOGUE was conceived as an agile shelving system that’s easily changeable to suit your requirements - ideal for premium retail presentations, zoning, commercial and office workspaces, home storage and interiors, showroom fitouts, wardrobe shelving, education and training, or fitting out hotel rooms, apartments and property developments.



Scalability of flexiVOGUE in both height and width can be easily achieved thanks to the carefully considered construction method; full assembly and further bay unit additions are easy for you to achieve with the simplest of tools.

Start with a Standard Metal Frame Kit for the first bay, then build on the system with additional bays. To stylise, add shelves, boxes, racks, hangers, cupboards, brackets, and other joinery pieces.

Striking in its contemporary architectural approach, the metal frameworks compliment any interior with the matte fine-finish options of black and white, with all standard shelves and joinery items in 3 standard colours of pure white, inky black and premium oak.

If you want something totally unique for your space, a wide range of custom joinery and finishes are available on request.

Design, scale and upscale your flexiVOGUE system to meet the scope of your space and requirements.


Take your retail shelving displays to new heights with the ever-contemporary flexiVOGUE, whether you are envisioning an ultramodern shop display shelving, or trying to curate a more bespoke boutique interior for your retail fit out - flexiVOGUE shelving displays offer flexibility with style. With a broad range of accessories that provide premium merchandising opportunities for fashion retail, sporting stores, homeware stores and gift shops, flexiVOGUE is quickly becoming a firm favourite for savvy retailers that demand on-brand interiors and engaging spaces.

Commercial & Showrooms

Effortlessly modernise your showroom wall displays, create adaptable space division, office shelves and zoning with one versatile, scalable modular shelving system. flexiVOGUE is a bespoke shelving solution for commercial spaces, offices and showrooms.


The scaleability and adaptable design of flexiVOGUE makes it the perfect choice for Furniture Showrooms, Interior Design studios, Trade Showrooms and Hardware Merchants. For office fitouts and office furniture, flexiVOGUE provides storage and display with a strong architectural element.

Hospitality & Hotel

Streamline the interior design and fit out process for hospitality venues or hotels with flexiVOGUE, the flexible shelving system that instantaneously transforms and stylises spaces - easily integrate modular wall shelving, a custom wardrobe, modular storage with storage cupboards, drawers, or partition shelving into your space; one systems replaces multiple furniture items.


flexiVOGUE can be styled to contemporary or artisan designs for premium merchandising of food & liquor in stores, cafes and restaurant settings.

Education & Training

flexiVOGUE modular shelving system effortlessly blends functionality and flexibility with style to meet the needs of today’s learning spaces. Modern institutes, universities and schools benefit from the modern flexible shelving system that is flexiVOGUE, one that is scalable, relocatable, customisable to fit the ever-changing needs of their organisation- from desks, to storage cabinets and . Ideal for creating zones and workspaces, flexiVOGUE compliments modern educational furniture themes and interiors.

Home and Apartment

Creating micro-architectural home interiors is easy with flexiVOGUE. When you are furnishing apartment suites, designing residential developments or remodelling a home, this modular shelving, storage and organisation system is perfect for a custom wardrobe (wardrobe shelves) for a master bedroom walk-in-robe, or a standard reach-in wardrobe fitout.


With a huge range of colour options, flexiVOGUE is perfect for living room furniture, study furniture and apartment furniture where modularity ensures that this furniture can adapt as your living requirements evolve and change.

Curated In New Zealand By New Zealanders

Engineered in New Zealand, flexiVOGUE is an end-to-end modular shelving, hanging and display system designed for full flexibility over the customisation process. Having our structural frames made offshore, our manufacturing factory in Auckland gives Surestyle the extra control through the creation of flexiVOGUE shelving, plinths, drawers and cupboards joinery, and custom ordered joinery or colours, that makes flexiVOGUE so unique. Keeping jobs local, maintaining higher design standards and sustaining higher levels of quality control, are all part of making our supply chains more sustainable.

flexiVOGUE Modular Furniture - Solve Your Shelving, Wardrobe & Storage With One Turnkey System

Easily specified, scalable, quick to install, relocatable and customisable to meet your interior needs, modular shelving systems flexiVOGUE offer flexibility to modify your interiors - with one system, add display shelving, wardrobe shelves, drawers, cupboards, or hanging racks for storage and organisation. Change it up with the addition of a peninsula desk as a dining table or workstation, or use the system as an entertainment units or extra apartment furniture, with the option to choose from a myriad of colours and module arrangements.

An Interior Designer’s Best Friend

Modular furniture is increasingly becoming a go-to for interior designers, builders, developers, hoteliers, businesses, corporate companies and industry professionals seeking higher-value modular shelving and wardrobe shelving systems for their projects.


Creating architectural appeal and alluring interiors is easier with flexiVOGUE - with the ability to adapt the furniture as rooms and spaces evolve for work, learning or living requirements. The clean, framed profile of flexiVOGUE effortlessly creates strong shapes in the clean form of modern interiors that are distinctive of New Zealand - whilst allowing light and air to filter through, brightening up and opening up spaces with function and aesthetics.