Surestyle’s Slatpanels are a best-selling modular display system. With clean aesthetics and functionality, countless configurations and design flexibility. Slat wall panels provide a display canvas with more than 50 interchangeable accessories to customise your retail space. Modify your slat panels with custom sized shelving, hanging racks and other slatwall accessories for a new merchandising layout in minutes, without complicated procedures.

Also known as Slatwall, PlankWall, ZapWall, SlotWall, Surestyle’s Slatpanels are manufactured from premium grade 18mm MDF sourced from sustainable forestry suppliers, complete with a durable melamine coating and robust aluminium inserts.

Easily specified, quick to install, relocatable, removable and backed by customer support, modular Slatpanel display systems by SureStyle enhance brand presentation, drive sales and improve customer and business experience.

Integrate metal prong hooks, slat panel shelves, picture hooks, shelf brackets, wire baskets, bins, hat holders, price tag holders, acrylic holders/shelves, plastic prong hooks, hang rails, and much more.

For more information on Retail Slat Wall Panels, check out our Ultimate Guide.

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