The Ultimate Guide to Slatpanel (Slatwall Panels)

The Ultimate Guide to Slatpanel (Slatwall Panels)

Posted by The Team at Surestyle on 21st Apr 2021

Slatpanels are a popular fixture made to promote and display merchandise for interior spaces. The panels are primarily melamine material, have grooves cut throughout the board, and can come in various colours. In addition, slat panels can use a diverse collection of accessories or shelves to elevate the merchandise you have on display. Continue reading to learn more!

What is a Slatpanel?

A slatpanel (also referred to as slatwall panel or slatwall) is a customizable board predominately used for retail fitting. Invented by an American Passionist in 1964, the goal of a slatwall is to display merchandise without the need for a permanent fixture.

Slat panels are made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard) with a melamine finish on one or more sides. Also, they have grooves cut throughout the board which aluminium inserts are fitted into.

Slatpanel Panels / White & Coloured Boards

Slatpanel panels consist of a flat board, used to form part (or all) of a surface. Most panels (or boards) used to create slat panels can be manufactured into various colours (white being the main colour) - depending on the material of the panel.

Surestyle uses melamine material for our slat panels - which gives you (the consumer) flexibility for choosing a white or coloured board.

Shop our slatpanel panels  now, or check out the different coloured boards here.

Slatpanel Accessories

Choosing the right slatpanel accessories can elevate the appearance, provide versatility, and highlight your merchandise or enhance your display for your customers. There are various accessories one can choose for a slatpanel, and depending on how you like to merchandise - will play a role in the accessories you may decide to utilise.

Metal accessories tend to be the most preferred for slat panels, these including metal prong hooks or accessory displays. We supply a large range of prong hooks, shelf brackets, bins, and accessories in different lengths and sizes to accommodate a diverse range of businesses.

One can also use acrylic or plastic accessories made for slat panels, such as acrylic shelving, brochure holders, etc.

Slatpanel Gondolas

Slatpanel gondolas (also referred to as slatwall display gondola stands or slatpanel floor gondolas) are free-standing floor display units. These  slatpanel gondolas are composed of slatpanel panels to accommodate various retail merchandise and accessories.

Here at Surestyle, all of our free-standing gondolas are on castors for ease of movement. They also come in various styles, we refer to them as:

  1. Double-sided gondola
  2. Square shaped gondola
  3. T style gondola
  4. H style gondola

All of our gondolas can also be manufactured in a variety of standard white or coloured options to suit your brand or merchandising requirements. Click  here to view these colours now!

5-Step Process to Choosing a Slatpanel

Choosing a slatpanel is can be easy for some. And for others, it can seem like a daunting task. Here we’ve created a 5-step process to help you choose the right slatpanel for you!

1. How Do You Like to Merchandise?

Asking yourself “how do you like to merchandise” is the first step in the 5-step process of choosing a slatpanel. The way you like to merchandise will influence your entire decision-making - from your measurements, colour board, accessories, and quantity.

2. Know Your Measurements

Depending on the space you’re working with will determine the measurements of the slatpanel you purchase. Necessary measurements you’ll need to know for the slatpanel panels include:

The Height:

How high do you want your slat wall panels to be? Surestyle offers both portrait and landscape slat panels - as well as two standard heights of 1200mm or 2400mm (with the ability to be trimmed to size).

The Width:

What is the length you’d like your slat panels to be? Just like the height, we have two standard sizes of 1200mm or 2400mm wide - with the ability to be trimmed to size.

The Pitch:

How large do you require the pitch? (The spacing between the inserts). We currently offer pitch dimensions of 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm - with the ability to customise your pitch if required.

Please note: Surestyle is able to cut panels to any size. All boards come trimmed to size with inserts installed.

3. Decide on Your Colour Board

Here at Surestyle, we can manufacture all of our  slatpanel panels on either white or coloured boards to march the colour you’re aiming to achieve! Click here to view the range of colours you can pick from.

Top tip: All of our slat panels are custom made, thus if you’re wanting to purchase a unique colour board from the range above - please allow an additional 4 - 7 working days per panel.

4. Pick Your Accessories

There are various accessories you can use with a slatpanel system to highlight whichever products you’re looking to display. Depending on your needs, will determine which slatpanel accessories you’re more inclined to use.

If you’re an apparel outlet,  slatpanel prongs tend to be a popular choice of accessories. Our prongs come in various finishes, lengths, and styles - made to suit everyone!

Other popular accessories that accompany the slat panel system include:

5. Consider Shelves

Slatpanel shelves can elevate the appearance of a slatwall by its versatile and space-saving results. Here at Surestyle, we custom manufacture our shelves - meaning we can provide an all-in-one solution, the first time around.

Our shelves are melamine (or glass on request.)  Melamine is an ideal material to manufacture our shelves because they’re durable, inexpensive, and can be produced in various colours.

We have four sizes of standard shelves which we can custom manufacture, these include:

  1. Slat Panel 600mm Shelves.
  2. Slat Panel 800mm Shelves.
  3. Slat Panel 900mm Shelves.
  4. Slat Panel 1200mm Shelves.

And if you’re wondering how you’ll fit these shelves to your slat wall? We also have that covered! Choose from our many different  metal shelf brackets to accompany your customised shelves with ease.

Become Inspired:

Surestyle is New Zealand’s leading retail fitting and manufacturer - offering slatpanel solutions (also referred to as Slatwall or Plankwall) to our diverse range of customers. Over the 40 years we’ve been in the industry, we’ve supplied our clients with both standard and custom slat panels that suit their needs. Click here to shop now or check out our slatpanel projects site now.