Modular Systems


Modular Shelving NZ

Redefining retail stores, offices and other commercial spaces, one modular display system at a time.

Ideal for premium retail presentations, zoning, commercial and office workspaces, home storage and interiors, showroom fit outs, wardrobe shelving, education and training, or fitting out hotel rooms, apartments and property developments.


Scalable Modular Display Shelves

Surestyle modular display systems are designed to scale up or down one modular bay at a time - create microarchitectural spaces within interiors. Simply connect bays, shelving and accessories at the source to reconfigure. Simplistic, sturdy and securely interconnected.


Endless Adaptable Modular Shelving

Modifiable, customisable, and fast-assembled with a wide range of accessories, Surestyle modular shelving displays range work boundlessly as a modular zone divider, large modular wall structures, wall system, cube display or shelving system, cube storage unit, or space divider.


With Surestyle, the end-user can modify their displays without purchasing new components or dismantling the entire system. This saves time and money and allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Take flexiVOGUE, for example, the modular display and furniture system that brings a new approach to the creative process of interior space management with its premium architectural styling and urban modularity. This flexible shelving system can be assembled quickly to create modifiable micro-architectural structures to define the purpose of individual spaces.

Flexible Modular Display Shelves

Most display systems are rigid and inflexible, but Surestyle's modular display systems, including Kubos, flexiVOGUE, flexiTUBO, flexiWALL and flexiPLUS, are the epitome of adaptability. They provide the highest degree of flexibility, space efficiency, and customisation options.

Surestyle's modular shelving lets you specify, design, and modify your display to match your unique needs and preferences. Our modular shelving is easily customisable with purpose-designed interchangeable panels, shelves, hangers, and other components, ready to be configured and reconfigured at your whim.

flexiTUBO: The rounded tube modular shelving display system that fuses bold aesthetics, structural minimalism and endless scalability. Adaptable to any space and many industries.



Kubos: Like building blocks, Kubos is a high-impact modular cube system that begins with a starter bay of cube modules and ends wherever your creativity will take you.


flexiVOGUE: The architecturally inspired modular display and furniture system for creating modifiable micro-architectural structures to customise commercial spaces, retail and more.


flexiPLUS: Modular retail shelving display system that revolutionises merchandising with flexible configurations, including freestanding perimeter shelving, wall shelving displays, space dividers, and gondolas. 


flexiWALL: A modular multi-configurational shelf upright post, rail and brackets system that is wildly popular for retail and commercial store fit-outs, enabling rapid shelve height modification. 



Crafting Memorable Retail Experiences

In retail, first impressions make all the difference. Surestyle's modular shop wall displays are meticulously crafted to create lasting visual impact. Whether unveiling a new collection, promoting seasonal items, or organising your product lineup, our modular shelving systems ensure your merchandise commands the spotlight.

Space Optimisation

Space is a precious commodity in retail and commercial interiors. Our shelving displays are designed to maximise your floor space while providing ample room for product presentation and/or storage. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organised store.

Your space should be a reflection of your brand's personality and values. With our modular shelving in NZ, you have the tools to create an unforgettable shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


Get Design Support from Surestyle

Surestyle’s custom 3D design is a free professional service for retail and commercial projects in the planning and design phases. 

Taking your images, design brief and modular display system preferences, our designers do their magic to provide you with realistic 3D renders of your space and a detailed cost proposal. 

Design with no obligations and no hidden costs.