Elevate Your Retail Displays with flexiTABLE - The Ultimate Modular and Flexible Retail Display System


Are you ready to redefine your retail displays? Introducing flexiTABLE – the ultimate modular and flexible retail display system designed to elevate your retail, commercial, and food & liquor spaces. With a perfect blend of modular design and flexibility, flexiTABLE offers a dynamic solution for showcasing your products.


Flexibility at its Finest:
FlexiTABLE stands out with its flexibility, adapting seamlessly to the demands of your retail environment. Whether you're in the retail, commercial, or food & liquor industry, flexiTABLE is the modular display system that caters to your specific needs, providing a versatile solution for dynamic merchandising.


Multifunctionality Redefined:
At the core of flexiTABLE lies multifunctionality, offering quick assembly and customisable features. This modular design makes it the ideal solution for retail spaces, ensuring it meets various merchandising requirements effortlessly. Embrace the innovation that comes with a modular retail display system tailored for your specific industry.


Triple the Impact with Adjustable Heights:
Experience triple-height impact with flexiTABLE's innovative design. All four sides feature three different heights of slots, allowing you to showcase products of varying sizes. This adjustable feature ensures not only eye-catching displays but also customisation to fit different product dimensions.


Versatile Shelving Options:
Flat Shelves: Maximise your retail space with flat shelves that serve as display platforms and table extensions.
Sloping Shelves: Create visually appealing displays while ensuring products remain easily visible to customers. The sloping design adds a touch of sophistication to your retail merchandising.

Dynamic Hangrails for Varied Merchandise:
Front Hangrails: Ideal for hanging accessories, adding a stylish flair to your featured products.
Side Hangrails: Optimize space usage with side-hanging bulk stock, enhancing the overall shopping experience. The dynamic hangrails ensure your merchandise is attractively displayed and easily accessible.


Embrace innovation with flexiTABLE and transform your retail displays into dynamic showcases tailored to your unique needs