flexiWALL - NZ’s No.1 Modular Wall Shelving System

flexiWALL is a modular multi-configurational shelving system that is modernising interior design and fitouts for retail, commercial and bespoke interiors. 


Highly versatile, customisable and easy to install, flexiWALL is a series of compatible modular components that are configurable to construct solid, scalable wall mounted shelves, ceiling mounted shelves and freestanding gondola shelves. 

The Adjustable Wall Shelving System - Offset, Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted and Freestanding Gondolas

Structurally supported by upright posts and rails, fixed directly to the wall or used in combination with a wall bracket, offset bar brackets, a ceiling mount or offset bar options.


flexiWALL modules are available in 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm spacing, with a range of off-the-shelf shelving of different colours, thicknesses and depths.

With flexiWALL, you can make configuration changes easily without major dismantling. Simply add, subtract and adjust shelves and accessories in accordance to your needs in minutes, enabling rapid shelve height modification. 


With 50+ interchangeable display parts and accessories available to create endless configurations. 


Customise your flexiWALL shelving system with base panels, custom shelves, shelf brackets, hanging rails and arms, infill panels, signage, ticketing, and lighting. Simply add, subtract shelf rails and accessories in minutes.

flexiWALL Wall Mounted Shelves - Directly Fixed

The flexiWALL wall mounted shelving system is made up of 50mm pitch (spacing measured from the top of one slot, to the top of the next slot) slotted steel upright posts that are directly fixed to the wall surface. These uprights are then fit with Surestyle’s range of flexi accessories and modular shelves to form a complete merchandising and display system.

flexiWALL Wall Offset Mounted Shelves - Offset Brackets

The offset option of the flexiWALL series relies offset wall brackets that fit into the top of uprights to allow for reverse-facing shelving or to avoid protruding obstacles. The offset wall shelves option is popular among retailers and commercial businesses seeking industrial minimalism aesthetics with high usability and modular flexibility.

flexiWALL Ceiling Mounted Shelving Units

flexiWALL ceiling mount shelving is a highly functional option when seeking a shelving system to create spatial zoning or when wall mounting is not available. The unique ceiling-mounted brackets fit for all flexiWALL uprights. 

flexiWALL Gondolas

Cost-effective, stylish and easily relocatable to suit the needs of your product display, Surestyle’s flexiWALL gondolas offer an effortless modern and minimalist design.

With clean, slimline aesthetics and colour variety to match any interior design for retail shops and commercial showrooms. Easily specified, quick and easy to install, mobile and compliant to NZ/AU standards. flexiWALL modular gondolas deliver practicality and aesthetics to your fit-out.

Selecting a flexiWALL Colour Scheme

Making design decisions is easy with flexiWALL. The modular nature of the wall shelving system allows you to customise the colour scheme of your presentation to align with the interior design of your space and products to be displayed. Surestyle keeps display design simple.


  • Select your preferred colour for the structural metal components (including uprights, brackets, offset bars and interchangeable accessories). Choose from three colours: black, white or chrome.
  • Next, select a shelf colour to compliment the colour of the metal components. Choose from our selection of melamine shelving in white, coloured or customised options like a natural timber melamine or veneer. Available in 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm lengths for ease of specification and installation.

Benefits of flexiWALL

Easily Customised To Suit Your Needs. The flexiWALL shelving system is adaptable and totally customisable to suit the design, aesthetic and specification needs of your business.
Countless Configurations and Design Options. flexiWALL and flexiPLUS parts and accessories are completely interchangeable to create endless configurations, sections and customised space. Staff have flexibility to change shelving, hanging and display merchandising layouts in minutes.
Fast to assemble and disassemble. Easy to construct, easy to specify into design, NZ/AU compliant and relocatable.
Modern, Minimalist Design. With its clean, slimline look, flexiWALL matches any space’s colour scheme and overall interior design. Ideal for retail stores, small business owners, designers, specifiers, interior designers, procurement managers, fit-out construction specialists.    


Unmatched Customer Support. Our talented team is available to support you with your design and display needs. Providing guidance, support and advice to help enhance your brand’s presentation, drive sales and improve overall customer experience. 

Surestyle’s Virtual Showroom

Take a 360-degree tour of our latest innovations, including flexiWALL, flexiVOGUE, flexiTUBO, Kubos, Slatpanel, and flexiPLUS. 


Navigate through our virtual showroom with ease, zoom in to examine the intricate designs, and discover how our modular shelving systems look and feel in this virtual space.

Want to see flexiWALL In-Person?

flexiWALL is on full display at our Auckland Showroom - 7 Moa Street, Ōtāhuhu, Auckland 1062, New Zealand

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