K&K Fashions Milford Mall

K&K Fashions - Milford Mall

K&K Fashions at Milford Mall underwent a captivating transformation, thanks to the vision and expertise of Andy and his team at RCG. They meticulously curated the store's design, incorporating the cutting-edge flexiTUBO system in white for the floor gondolas and displays. This innovative system's adaptability to various sizes while retaining its excellent merchandising capabilities made it a perfect fit for the store.


For the wall bays, the team made a striking choice by opting for the sleek flexiVOGUE system in black. This decision added a distinct and captivating aspect to the walls, complementing the floor's aesthetics and resulting in an exceptionally stunning-looking store.


The new setup not only enhances the store's visual appeal but also offers practical solutions for showcasing K&K Fashions' products in an inviting and efficient manner. Customers are sure to be captivated by the modern and stylish atmosphere while exploring the carefully curated merchandise on display.


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  • Designer – Andy Florkowski from RCG 
  • K&K Fashion
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