Surestyle’s modern guide to modular showroom displays

Surestyle’s modern guide to modular showroom displays

Posted by Surestyle Team on 14th Jul 2022

An alternative to the traditional means of brick-and-mortar retail stores, showrooms are more compelling spaces that lean into building on the product-customer relationship, nurturing the sales experience, and catering to specific consumer requirements.

Showrooms are growing as a preferred model for operating, trading and engaging for some very specific reasons. Modern showroom displays simplify consumer choice, eliminate choice paralysis, increase retail conversions, and help your customers be more confident in their choices.

By removing the pressure of making an immediate sale and allowing retailers and their sales teams to focus on building long-term relationships with customers, the showroom model can provide more relaxed shopping experience with personalised customer service. In today’s highly competitive retail landscape, this level of customer service builds stronger relationships and customer loyalty.

In this guide, we break down the advantages of using modular display systems for your showroom fit-out. We also talk about the rising popularity of retail showrooms and the growth of showrooms in conjunction with e-commerce.

Out with the Old, In with the New: Shop-fitting Displays for Showrooms

Believe it or not, it was the design limitations, frustrations and inefficient nature of outdated display systems that inspired Surestyle to develop better solutions for not only the retail industry but all industries seeking flexibility in their display and showroom shelving systems.

Alluring showroom fit outs are easier than ever to achieve with the use of modular shelving displays and modifiable display systems. In retail, flexibility to modify your displays and refresh is critical, and we found that the traditional systems were not user-friendly for the end-user, stifling creativity and disabling the full potential of one’s branding presentation.

Developed to address the shortcomings of such outdated displays, we came to create modular shop fitting displays, flexible shelving systems, shop fitting merchandising products and display accessories for the modern era. Surestyle products have been shaped by over 40 years of industry immersion, feedback, trial-and-error, and fine-tuned research and development.

Using Modular Presentation Systems to Enhance Your Showroom Displays

Modular display systems, like Slat panels, FlexiWALL and FlexiPlus, have revolutionised modern showroom fit-out design and construction.

  • Highly cost-effective, stylish and easily modifiable to suit the needs of your product display. In a matter of hours, you can transform your showroom without the need to modify the existing building. Modern, minimalist designs with clean, slimline aesthetics and a variety of colours to choose from to match any interior design.
  • Create freestanding or wall mounted shelving, wall perimeter racking, feature walls or customisable floor gondolas for your showroom display. Or create a privacy dividing wall, partitioning a showroom from an office, or simply as a display feature.

Packed with flexibility to customise, modular design is increasingly becoming a go-to for designers and industry professionals seeking higher-value presentation systems for their showroom and retail shop fit out.

  • Easily specified, quick and easy to install, relocatable, removable and compliant to NZ/AU standards. Surestyle’s modular display systems deliver practicality and aesthetics to your showroom fit-out.

Supplied with specification details, dimensions, and customer support, modularity enables speed-of-delivery and interchangeable configurations to suit your needs.

Our modular display systems work seamlessly with our tailor-made products, retail essentials, Slat Grid, and ticketing and signage.

With countless configurations and design options, FlexiWall, FlexiPlus and Slat-panel parts and accessories are completely interchangeable to create endless configurations, sections and customised space. Users have the flexibility to change shelving, hanging and display merchandising layouts in minutes.

The Rising Popularity of Showrooms

The concept of a dedicated showroom is slowly infiltrating fringe sectors that have all their eggs in one basket: e-commerce or larger brick-and-mortar stores. Businesses are realising the competitive advantages of making showrooms an integral part of their business operations, many opting to tack showrooms as an essential part of their headquarters.

For various sub-sectors of retail like safety gear, uniform suppliers, food suppliers, modular construction, trade, lighting, tableware, homewares, fashion, footwear and sports apparel, showrooms are proving to be an asset for driving sales and enhancing customer experience.

Showrooms have had a long-and-successful run within many niche sectors like automotive, furniture, bedding, white goods and appliances, flooring (carpet, tiles, timber), interior design and construction materials like panels, and showroom kitchens, bathrooms, modular products and other high-ticket items.

Many brick-and-mortar stores have been integrating the essential elements of a showroom for decades (think Ikea, cornering off sections of their stores). By creating showrooms, retailers give their shoppers an experience, a journey, an opportunity to test and try and touch the merchandise and form a deeper emotional connection to the product for purchase.

According to industry analysts, showrooms are on the brink of being the next evolutionary step for retailing, because the demand is there for specific product lines and many consumers are already using stores as showrooms. During this explosive era of e-commerce, customers often start their shopping journeys online, go to a store to try something on, and then return home to place the order online (google showrooming). A growing chunk of consumerism is trending this direction.

Ready to Modernise your Showroom Displays?

Surestyle is at the forefront of modernising retail shop fitting in New Zealand and Australia. We want to fortify the bridge between you and us and help you gain more control over your displays with our modular systems.

Surestyle provides unmatched customer support. Our talented team is available to guide, support and help enhance your brand’s presentation, drive sales and improve your overall customer (and business) experience.

Our innovative shop fitting supplies and modular display systems, make us the first-choice retail shop fitting suppliers in New Zealand for interior designers, specifiers, construction fit-out specialists and retail businesses seeking to modernise retail store and showroom fit-outs.

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