Flexible Modular Displays vs Fixed Modular Display Systems

Flexible Modular Displays vs Fixed Modular Display Systems

21st Apr 2023

When it comes to selecting the best modular display systems - we all want something that is both stylish, efficient and functional.

However, not all display systems are created equal.

Allow us to explain.

Most furniture and display systems are fixed and inflexible, while others like Surestyle’s are flexible, modular and adaptable.

In this blog, we'll compare fixed modular display systems, like IKEA cube units, with the flexible nature of Surestyle's range.

Fixed modular display in store

Fixed Modular Systems

Fixed modular display systems, such as those found at IKEA, are popular because they are considered cheap, easy to assemble and purchased in predetermined sizes and configurations.

However, once these systems are assembled, they cannot be modified or customised. This can be frustrating for those who want to change their display or add new items. Additionally, fixed systems may not fit perfectly in some spaces, leading to wasted or awkward space.

Flexible Modular display

Flexible Modular Systems

Surestyle's modular display systems, like Kubos, flexiVOGUE, flexiWALL and flexiPLUS, offer the highest degree of flexibility, space efficiency and customisability.

With Surestyle modularity, you can specify, design and modify a display to your specific needs and preferences. Surestyle modular display systems are customisable with purpose-designed interchangeable panels, shelves, hangers and other convenient components that are easily configured and reconfigured to suit your changing needs.

This flexibility to modify your displays in minutes is particularly valuable to any industry including Hospitality & Hotels, Retail, Commercial & Showrooms, Education and Training, Food & Liquor.

Flexible Modular System

For example, retail environments are constantly changing, with new product display requirements, so too must the store fixtures and merchandising needs. With Surestyle, the end-user can modify their displays without needing to purchase new components or dismantle the entire system. This saves time and money and allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Take flexiVOGUE, for example, the modular display and furniture system that brings a new approach to the creative process of interior space management with its premium architectural styling and urban modularity. This flexible shelving system can be assembled quickly to create micro-architectural structures that are modifiable to define the purpose of individual spaces.

Modular Interconnected Frames for Retail

Or Kubos, the modular cube system that consists of interconnected frames and connectors that can be arranged and configured in various ways to create customisable furniture, zoning dividers, storage units, visual merchandising displays and interior design elements.

Another advantage of Surestyle's modular display system is its adaptability. The system is designed to work in a variety of spaces, including those with unusual shapes or dimensions. The panels and shelves can be customised in-house by Surestyle.

Additionally, the system can be accessorised with lighting, mirrors, and other features to create a truly unique display.

Flexible Modular System for Stores

In conclusion, while fixed modular display systems like those found at IKEA have their advantages, they lack the flexibility, customizability, and adaptability of Surestyle's modular display system. For those who want a display system that can evolve and adapt to their changing needs, Surestyle is a clear choice.

With over 40 years of experience in the interior design industry, Surestyle brings a whole new meaning to value-added modular display systems.

We don’t just supply high-functioning modular display systems. We design them, manufacture them and offer unmatched collaborative support to our product users, including interior designers, fit-out specialists, architects and businesses.

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