5 Tips to Enhance User Experience with Modular Display Systems

5 Tips to Enhance User Experience with Modular Display Systems

21st Mar 2023

With over 40 years of experience in the interior design industry, Surestyle brings a whole new meaning to value-added modular display systems. 

We don’t just supply high-functioning modular display systems. We design them, manufacture them and offer unmatched collaborative support to our product users, including interior designers, fit-out specialists, architects and businesses.

Selecting the right products and systems that fit all the requirements of design and fit-out projects can be a time-consuming and exhaustive process. Commonly, interior designers place all their emphasis on product choices that strike a balance between the desired aesthetics, budget, and functionality.

However, one of the most overlooked aspects of the product selection process is the value that the product or system adds to every point of use in the product's lifetime.

We are talking about the end-to-end user experience (UX) of the product that spans from the design stage to fit-out, and onwards to benefit business team members, and lastly to the customers and end-users.

5 Interior Design Tips to consider when Specifying Modular Display Systems

Modular display shelf and conference table

  1. Evaluate the User Experience of Modular Display System

    Modular display systems provide a flexible, customisable, and cost-effective solution for businesses that require the creation of bespoke interior compositions, with the option to easily modify the displays, storage and shelving requirements within minutes.

    Business team members, interior designers and end users gain control over their creative vision for new display configurations. Modular display systems enable creative freedom to tailor the user experience to suit personal or business needs.

    For retail interiors, commercial spaces, showrooms and other merchandising applications, modular display systems create endless possibilities to change the UX for your customers and clients. Recommended displays for these applications: flexiPLUS, flexiWALL, and Slatpanel.For other interiors in hotels, hospitality, home, apartments, education and training, modular displays offer the flexibility and adaptability to customise, relocate and reconfigure to accommodate the end user's changing demands. Recommended displays for these applications: flexiVOGUE and Kubos.

    With countless configurations and design options, Surestyle’s modular display system parts and accessories are entirely interchangeable to create endless configurations, sections and customised space. End users have the flexibility to change shelving, hanging and display layouts in minutes.

  2. Don’t Forget about the Design & Construct UX

    Easily specified, assembled and disassembled - modular display systems speed up the design and construction processes of fit-outs.

    One of the biggest advantages of modular systems for interior designers is the ability to deal with the final details of the design later.

    Meaning you can offer a more collaborative, evolving and fast-tracked design process to your client - ultimately speeding up the design stage and finding peace of mind in knowing that you can customise the fine details later.

    For the shopfitter, fit-out specialist or construction team, modular display systems speed up the installation process. Compliant, easy to assemble and install, scale, relocate, and modify, modular display systems improve construct teams’ experience by removing the burden of installing custom, fixed and permanent fixtures - which are often time-consuming, costly and open to budget blowouts caused by change requests.

    Additionally, the modular nature of Surestyle’s system makes logistics easier. Because all systems are delivered as individual components and assembled as modules, they are easy to navigate on-site, load and set up.

    With fast dispatch and delivery New Zealand-wide, designers and construction teams can have peace of mind knowing that all Surestyle modular systems, parts and accessories are in-stock and ready for dispatch - reducing the chances of project delays.

    Modular shelving system for retail

  3. Choose Modular Systems Over Permanent Option

    Custom built-in display fixtures and shelves can be risky, as they limit your ability to adapt to changing design needs.

    But with Surestyle's modular display system, you have the flexibility to modify and customise your design as needed. You don't have to lock in all the specifics upfront, giving you greater design freedom and peace of mind.

    Take advantage of the design flexibility and versatility that comes with choosing a Surestyle modular display system.

  4. Build More Flexibility into Your Design Concepts

    Obviously, as an interior designer, it's important to understand your client's needs, understand their vision, and expectations

    Another major advantage for interior designers specifying a modular display system is that you can specify now and customise later - giving all parties peace of mind that the final design is flexible and does not have to be rushed or fixed in the early design stages. Giving you more time to refine the little details later.
    Modular shelving system for home or office

  5. Don’t be Scared to Seek Design & Planning Support from Your Supplier

    Working with an experienced modular system supplier like Surestyle opens up a suite of invaluable guidance, planning and design support, helping interior designers put more time and energy elsewhere.

    By partnering with Suretyle, you are gaining the knowledge and support of a supplier and valuable insights from the designer and manufacturer for specifying and installing their modular display systems.

    Surestyle modular display systems are supplied with product specifications, assembly instructions, dimensions, and customer support. In addition, Surestyle also offers design support including the development of drawing files, material samples, and design knowledge for specific industries.

Surestyle Design Support

Initial Consultation

In your initial consultation with Surestyle, you’ll discuss your project goals, budget, timeframe and any conceptual design ideas that are on the horizon. If available, measurements may be provided at this point to help develop initial concept drawings.

Design Concept Development

At the design concept development phase, Surestyle can assist by providing concept drawings and focusing on spatial design and planning. Still, we can produce more advanced drawings with colour schemes. 

Final Design Approvals

After comments and approval from the client, Surestyle can make updates to the final drawing, if required, before moving onward to the pricing stage. 

Modular shelving system commercial and residential

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