Harveys Lunn Ave

Harvey Furnishings - Lunn Ave

Harvey Furnishings' Lunn Ave store showcased a fresh and modern design, reflecting a new look and feel for the brand. Collaborating with Summer from Penzl, they implemented a display and merchandising system based on flexiPLUS, chosen for its robustness, flexibility and adaptability in showcasing a diverse range of home furnishing products.

For displaying their extensive collection of curtain rods and accessories, they opted for the flexiWALL offset system, which proved to be a smart choice.

The store's custom joinery items exuded elegance and sophistication, with carefully selected materials and paint colours adding to the overall appeal.

To create distinct zones within their curtain selection, they incorporated curved curtain rails for their curtain samples, enhancing the visual appeal and ease of navigation for customers. The thoughtful design ensured a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for all visitors.


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  • Designer – Summer Fitzgerald from Penzl
  • Harveys retail team
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