What to look for in a Retail Paper Bag

What to look for in a Retail Paper Bag

Posted by The Team at Surestyle on 19th Jul 2019

What to look for in a Retail Paper Bag

Kraft Paper Bags

As a retailer, a lot of thought is put into your product, store displays and layout which are all essential components in ensuring your store attracts consumers and develops a returning customer base.

Packaging for your product is often overlooked but can be considered an extension to your customer’s experience. Naturally a flimsy bag that tends to break open will not appeal as much as a high-quality bag yet one must consider the most cost-effective option.

Paper Bag 101:

Does a paper bag promote your brand?

  • Your bag is a walking advertisement. To ensure you convey the correct message consider whether you want to portray your product as a high-end product or cheap and affordable. Both can be represented by your bag choice. Placing your logo on bags enhances the marketing opportunities.
  • Contact us for a printing quote for bulk quantity (1000+).

What does a paper bag cost?

  • A pack of 100 can cost as little as $29.50. The cost for a quality bag can’t be avoided but there are many price options for different ranges. It is likely, in the initial stages, you won’t see a return on investment but over time your walking advertisement will take effect, especially in mall settings.

Are paper bags durable? 

While the factor of durability is often missed in the decision-making process of packaging it is very important. A key example would be a customer leaving your store feeling great about their purchase but the bag breaks on the way to the car damaging their goods. This could leave a negative feeling on your customer’s experience. If the bag is durable there is also a higher chance your customer will reuse it, further promoting your brand.

Which colour is best?

Colour is an excellent way to portray many things - your brand colours, a sale or the quality of your product. Paper bags come in a wide range of colours including the common brown Kraft and neutral tones. Whilst a white bag will highlight your logo and present a cleaner appearance, a bright colour may stand out during sale season.

Small insights into the power of colour choice and our suggestions for use:

Red is a colour that draws attention, calls for action and is an expression of love.

Examples of paper bag use: sales; Valentine’s Day

Orange is a colour that stimulates appetite and social connection as it is a warm, flamboyant colour.

Examples of paper bag use: restaurants; food outlets; autumn sales

Yellow is a colour of happiness & playfulness.

Examples of paper bag use: children’s stores; gift store; summer sales

Green is a colour of growth & vitality. It is associated with nature, health, healing and the environment.

Examples of paper bag use: Pharmacies; health stores; eco-friendly products

Blue is a colour of trust, honesty and dependability. It gives a sense of calmness.

Examples of paper bag use: Corporate world; financial companies; insurance related

Purple is a colour of extravagance, fantasy and wealth.

Examples of paper bag use: Superior products; women’s cosmetics; premium quality

Brown is a colour of earthiness & reliability. It is associated with the outdoors & practicality.

Examples of paper bag use: Wholesome, natural & organic products; home essentials

Black is a colour of authority, power or control

Examples of paper bag use: Sports stores; electronics related

White is a colour of cleanliness and new beginnings.

Examples of paper bag use: Pharmacies; children’s clothing stores; useful for clear branding

What are the pros & cons of paper bags?


  • Wide range of colours
  • 100% biodegradable, reusable and/or recyclable
  • Durable
  • Less risk of suffocation for young children and animals


  • Not waterproof
  • Generally take up more storage space
  • Slightly heavier in some cases

When choosing packaging for your store consider the appearance, durability, cost and colour but don’t fail to see the potential they contribute to your customer’s experience and numerous marketing opportunities.

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