Surestyle has evolved...

Surestyle has evolved...

Posted by The Team at Surestyle on 6th Jul 2020


As we entered our 40th year in business a lot has changed in the world and we decided to celebrate our business milestone by evolving the Surestyle brand.

Surestyle was originally founded as Tui Cabinets in 1980. In 2004 Surestyle came about to encompass our expanding product offering and services.

During 2019 we undertook an extensive process of examining our business plan, mission, values and culture to improve as a company, but predominantly, to establish what was important to our customers and our future.

Through recommendations we joined forces with an amazing branding guru, who asked loads of questions, then road-mapped where we had come from to clearly define where Surestyle needed to be now and into the future.

During the re-branding process we attempted to merge the two sides of the business into one identity, but it soon became obvious they were clearly two separate identities. We have now defined them as “Fixtures and Fittings” and “Projects and Interiors”

“Fixtures and Fittings” encompasses our wide and varied off-the-shelf product ranges.

“Project and Interiors” covers designing, developing and sourcing products (both locally and internationally) to suit our clients’ spaces.

By keeping the two identities our websites have also received a refresh for product ideas and online shopping and for project inspiration.

As we worked through the process it became apparent the Surestyle existing strapline (complete retail solutions) needed to be included in the evolution, as it was no longer a true reflection of the industry sectors we service.

Wow what a process...with hundreds of ideas and suggestions, plenty of robust conversations we landed with “creating engaging spaces”. It says it all. We create (design develop, manufacture, source and supply), engaging (everything we do engages people), spaces (retail, commercial, education, medical, and grocery).

Along with the new brand look and feel, we felt it was the perfect time to launch the “Flexi” family.

For those close to us you would already be familiar with our popular products “FlexiWall” and “FlexiPlus”. Along with their new logos they have received to reflect our new brand look and feel, we are also expanding the “Flexi” family. So keep a look out for new arrivals as our family grows.

The name look and logo may have evolved over the years, however you are still dealing with the same family you did 40 years ago.

Here’s to the next 40 years, we look forward to working with you.