Your Guide to Sustainable Bulk Food Storage, Dispensers, Merchandising and Display

Your Guide to Sustainable Bulk Food Storage, Dispensers, Merchandising and Display

Posted by The Team at Surestyle on 23rd Mar 2022

Bulk food display systems are a turn-key solution for businesses seeking to drive more sales, provide a more transparent shopping experience and actualise their commitment to sustainability.

The trend of sustainable bulk food merchandising – displaying and dispensing loose product in solutions such as bulk food bins and food dispensers – has gained an enduring popularity in New Zealand (NZ) and Australia.

The benefits of using bulk food dispensers and storage bins to manage your bulk food merchandising goes well beyond reducing unnecessary packaging waste like single use plastics.

From retail stores to grocery chains, reducing consumer footprint has become a major priority for shoppers and businesses over the past few decades, as consumers are favouring environmentally friendly options.

As the market shifts to accommodate for the rise in more sustainable consumption of food products, business owners are reporting that the benefits of green food storage systems goes well beyond the environmental benefits.

Let’s break it down.


Bulk food merchandising is a turn-key solution if you are seeking to transform your systems, actualise you commitment to sustainability and create a competitive advantage that translates to a positive customer experience.

So what other benefits are there to gain from package-free merchandising?


Optimised Selling Space (and Sales)

Efficient, compact, organised. Bulk food dispensers replace cutter and confusion, with order and a transparency for an engaging and uninterrupted shopping experience. Research shows that shoppers who directly interact with a product are more likely to purchase it.

Happy clients, happy staff!


Ergonomic and Easy to Use

Our dispensers are user friendly, gravity fed and operated manually. The customers essentially serves themselves, reducing social contact and decreasing the demands on staff. The dispenser can be filled from the top, by lifting the cover and pouring the desired content inside



The modern, modular design of our products is highly aesthetic to customers. Our transparent dispensers and food storage bins provide colourful display of food products that are arranged uniformly, free of plastic waste and free of distracting marketing.

How’s that for a positive impact.


Easy to Maintain

Hygienic and approved for use with food (BPA free). Cleaning can be easily performed by hand. Furthermore, the dispensers are dishwasher safe. Simply disassemble parts and clean.



Our food dispensers and bulk food bins are rubber sealed for retaining product freshness and quality. Guaranteed to keep food safe and meet strict standards for food safety in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Products Fully Integrate with FlexiPlus

Need a shelving system to mount your food dispensers on?

As your one-stop shop for all things fixtures and fittings, Surestyle has everything you need to build a dependable, well-designed food display.

Our FlexiPlus shelving system is the perfect match to your food dispenser bins, fully compatible with our food dispenser accessories like rails and rail support. FlexiPlus delivers absolute flexibility, modular customisability and ease of installation to suit the needs of your product display.

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