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The Importance of Hangers in Your Store

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The Importance of Hangers in Your Store

Hangers may be among the cheapest possessions you have in store, yet can create peaks and troughs in sales. Why?

Picture this – you are going to celebrate your birthday with friends at an exquisite restaurant and you reach for your dress to find it in a creased, wrinkled state on the floor? How does that make you feel? Terrible, right? Your store can be portrayed this way also as customers may feel annoyed if your garments are piled on top of each other, crumbled and messy. We are sure you would never expect customers to start wading through the pile, in hopes of finding what they want.This can be avoided if your store uses hangers and they are the correct style.

The following are some our shop favourite hangers that not only give your garments a neat and appealing look, but ones that can ultimately drive more sales, structure your store and give that quality look and feel.


HTFPBH: Top Hanger Flat Profile 440mm Beech

  • Ideal where space is limited
  • Suitable for dresses, shirts, blouses
  • Sits flat
  • Sturdy timber
  • Available in Beech, White, Black & Rubber Coated
  • Smart look
  • Shoulder notches, save garments falling
  • 20% off carton quantities

HC330BH: Clip Hanger End Clips 330mm Beech

  • Ideal for Pants, Swimwear, Activewear, Shorts
  • Chrome End Clips
  • Sturdy timber
  • Available in Beech, White, Black & Rubber Coated
  • Smart look
  • 20% off Carton Quantities 

HTNS420BK: Top Hanger Non Slip Shoulder 420mm Black

  • Suitable for dresses, shirts, blouses
  • Common size, 420mm wide
  • Sturdy plastic
  • Cost effective in comparison to timber
  • Shoulder notches, save garments falling
  • Suitable for use with FTC Size Clips

These hangers are made with sturdy materials and their individual designs and uses not only make them favourites for shoppers but also favourites for store owners.

It isn’t all about showing you hangers, we believe that maintaining these hangers is important to your business as well. We have seen hangers that are kept together in large numbers, get entangled which in most cases can result in loss of shape and breakages. We also stock a hanger tidy (REHTMPC) to ensure you have your hangers in a neatly arranged position when they are not required to hold garments. The tidy can comfortably hold about 50 hangers and it keeps your hangers contained in the freestanding stacker. This ultimately becomes an easy process and less time-consuming.

Choosing to use hangers in your store to display your garments is an invaluable bonus of your store.

These shop favourites are in no way exhaustive and we are always on hand to share advice when you’re planning to source hangers for your store.

Contact us on 0800 474 358 to discuss your hanger requirements.

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